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KutRoc Records is one of the rising record labels in Boston, Massachusetts. It is the official record company of the very talented Boston singer-songwriters and high-energy entertainers, Mateo and Kitarah. The independent label’s core belief is that music is about compelling experiences, and the label is about creating compelling songs.

The 57th Grammy ballot-approved anti-bullying song “Keep Your Head Up” is the label’s first song on the ballot, and part of a national anti-bullying and peace project, featuring Mateo and Kitarah and rapper Maverik. The Grammy Awards is an annual music award presentation that features some of the best singers and songwriters in the world. Our artists are among this generation’s best independent singer-songwriters.

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Boston Singer Songwriters

Boston singer-songwriters Mateo and Kitarah are involved in the music recording process and often write or co-write on various song projects. The atmosphere at the independent label is one of empowering artists to reach their full star potential, not just as great singers and songwriters, but as great entertainers in the music industry. The artists believe in connecting with the community and giving back as often as possible. They participate in the annual Got Peace? Basketball Tournament, walk the annual Mother’s Day Walk For Peace, and more events throughout the year.

Boston Singer SongwritersMateo, Kitarah, and Maverik also participate in bullying discussions on talk radio from Boston to British Columbia. The artists also appear on Sirius XM Shade 45, and receive airplay on national stations.

Keep Your Head Up

Our anti-bullying song, “Keep Your Head Up” is a collaboration with the three Boston artists that reminds young people everywhere that they are not alone, and encourages them to speak out and stand up. The song is featured in NIOT’s “Not In Our School” video for schools throughout the United States. The artists also work with “Be A Buddy, Not A Bully” pledge program and perform at school assemblies and rallies.

Boston Singer Songwriters Public Service Announcement at school

“Keep Your Head Up” has been screened by The Recording Academy and approved on the 57th Grammy Awards Ballot. The song is Boston’s Mother’s Day Walk For Peace 2014 theme song.

Help us reach a Million young people throughout the world with the positive message of our Keep Your Head Up. To download the anti bullying kit, click on KutRoc Records website.

Artists Mateo, Kitarah, and Maverik have been invited to appear on several talk radio and TV shows to participate in discussions of bullying and intolerance. The artists have also headlined shows at colleges and charity events and opened up for major acts. Watch the PSA from KutRoc and Not In Our School.

Keep Your Head Up Links

To learn more about organizations supporting our artists click on the links below:

NIOS Stand Up to Bullying. To watch video click on Stand Up.

Got Peace? Basketball Tournament. To watch video click Got Peace? Video.

Mother’s Day Walk For Peace. To watch video click on Walk For Peace Video.

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Independent Label

KutRoc Records is one of the record labels in Massachusetts and the official home of Boston singer songwriters Mateo and Kitarah, featured on the anti bullying song “Keep Your Head Up.” To learn more about us, click on KutRoc. To purchase other songs by Mateo and Kitarah, or anti bullying t-shirts click on Store. The greater Boston record company partners with organizations to help bring awareness to special causes.